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The Myers Way® Paleo Protein- Mocha Latte

The Myers Way® Paleo Protein Powder

A clean source of protein for Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo, Ketogenic, or The Myers Way® Protocol.

Mocha Latte Paleo Protein Powder: For Coffee Lovers!

I have a confession… I love the flavor of coffee! However, If you’re like me, you’ve likely chosen to give up your morning cup due to the fact that coffee can aggravate leaky gut, autoimmunity, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and more…

If you’re a coffee lover and have had to give it up… all’s not lost! Even those of you who have had to give up coffee due to food intolerances, gluten cross-reactivity, or any of the issues I mentioned above can still enjoy that amazing fresh roasted coffee flavor you love and miss, all while following The Myers Way®, a Paleo diet, or an AIP or Ketogenic protocol.

I’m so excited to share my new Mocha Latte Paleo Protein with you! My Mocha Latte Paleo Protein perfectly embodies the delicious fresh roasted coffee and latte flavor of your favorite creamy coffee house latte, WITHOUT the detrimental effects of coffee!


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Amy Myers MD


Powder packaging for 810 grams


corn, dairy, GMOs, or Yeast. WARNING: Contains tree-nuts (walnuts). Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat and moisture., soy, wheat