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You cannot enjoy the health benefits of a balanced gut without the removal of destructive organisms. Para-X uses nature’s finest anti-microbials to help expel them from your intestinal tract.

  • Paracid-X is now Para-X (September 2023)
  • Experience broad-spectrum, plant-based defense against intestinal invaders
  • Supplement with potent compounds known to interfere with harmful digestive microbes, while protecting good bacteria and tissues
  • Clean up your digestive tract and restore vitality, by reducing inflammation, malabsorption, and infectious microbes
  • Supportive of maintenance and intervention on dysbiosis and leaky gut


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What’s Eating You?

Cleanse the GI Tract of Bad Bugs

When your intestinal tract is home to invasive organisms, it is impossible to feel your best. These bugs are living off the nutrients you ingest, inflaming the barrier of your intestinal wall, and pushing your stress hormones to exhaustion. Unpleasant symptoms (such as nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and general weakness) are just the beginning of what these damaging microbes can do to your health. Let’s help you get rid of them.

Natural Alternatives for Microbiome Balance

There is no doubt that drug development has contributed to profound healing opportunities, and antibiotics are a conventional approach to treating parasites – though their long-lasting side effects on healthy bacteria and tissues are also well-known.

Complementary Supplements for Intestinal Cleanse

Since long before drugs were commonplace, the Earth has yielded plants with properties capable of preventing and removing intestinal parasites. For centuries and across cultures, plants have been the staples of gastrointestinal therapies. Para-X contains several of these ancient, double-blind study validated ingredients.


Plant-Based Treatments

When you decide to take a plant-based approach to preventing or treating invasive organisms, there are many options. Complementary therapies exist to take a dynamic approach to healing, with numerous modalities available, including colon irrigation, laser therapy, and more. But you may be best served by focused, potent supplements with the power to deliver results safely and effectively, without unnecessary burdens of time and money. Keep it simple.

Para-X is formulated to be used exclusively in the effort to prevent or treat bad bugs, but it can also complement more complex therapies. Working with a motivated integrative health professional can help immensely in dialing in the details of your gut therapies. Be sure to protect your liver with a detoxification supplement, and restore healthy flora with a probiotic.


The Para-X Advantage

Unlike competing supplements that can irritate already inflamed tissues, Para-X helps to eliminate bad bugs while minimizing inflammatory damage. The five ingredients come together to create a hostile environment for harmful microbes, without harsh side effects. They also aim to protect the beneficial, friendly organisms that have been under assault.

The Formula: Purpose

  • Sweet Wormwood/Artemisinin – Whole wormwood (containing artemisinin) combined with whole artemisinin to hit the target with broad-spectrum effects
  • Olive Leaf Extract – To decrease inflammatory molecules, suppress harmful microbes, and support innate immunity against toxic microbes
  • Black Walnut Hulls – Possessing activities that inflict permanent damage on nasty microbes, while also promoting toxin elimination
  • Berberine – Not only targets the bad bugs, but it also has properties that make it effective in increasing short-chain fatty acids

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Bottle of 90 Capsules


2 capsules three times per day or as recommended by your health care professional.